Winter Diffuser Beads - Reindeer
Winter Diffuser Beads - Reindeer

Winter Diffuser Beads - Reindeer

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After they are kiln-fired for strength, these clay beads remain porous enough to soak up your favorite essential oils and naturally diffuse the scents back into your space. Just add a few drops of oil to the clay beads and enjoy - no electricity required.

Each strand of beads is approximately 4 inches long. Every bead is unique.

Want to make it the perfect gift and add a specialty blend of essential oil? Check out the options below by Blessed Necessities - a certified aromatherapist making and blending in SC. Choose the one that meets your needs.

Be Nice - depression or “being testy”

Chill Out - anxiety and insomnia

Tame That Time - hormonal balancing
Pressure Potion - headaches/migraines
Bandit - thieves blend
Clearly - focus
Grounded - helps “flightiness” 
Open - congestion
Revive - when you need some help staying awake
Slow Down - may help with high blood pressure/fast heart rate
Blessed Baby blends:
Calming - bedtime, crankiness, teething
Relief - cough and cold 

Please order by Dec. 8th for delivery before Christmas!